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I design and build websites + online games + interactive CD-ROMs + etc.

I work freelance for agencies in Edinburgh + Glasgow + far beyond.

I have 10+ years of big-brand experience with top UK agencies.

I am obsessed with design + I am a professional programmer.

I love typography + photography + information design.

I specialise in front-end work in Adobe Air+ HTML/CSS/Javascript.


I haven't updated this site in years since I've had a constant flow of paid work. Expect lots of broken links! A new site is on its way...


Dinosaurs take over YouTube (and win three awards!)

To promote the new series of the dinosaur-filled TV show 'Primeval', I worked with Red Bee Media in London to create the first ever YouTube takeover featuring a full-on shoot-em-up game. Watch the intro video and get ready to defend yourself!

The graphics are highly dynamic, allowing you shoot holes in just about everything on screen. With 3D assets from The Mill, a dramatic sound-scape and a relentless ramping up of the action it can get pretty hairy, especially if you turn up your speakers...

UPDATE: The game has just won a Creative Showcase Award from the IAB, it has been awarded You Tube ad of the week by Campaign magazine, and best of all it's won an FWA Site of the Day!


Beat detection meets physics engine

To help launch the new CBBC music portal, I created a physics-driven platform game with a musical twist: all the graphics, obstacles and enemy move to the beat of the music! You can play against library tracks or load up your own MP3s from your hard drive, and then play a series of extensive levels. (30,000 pixels wide, no less!)

I coded my own beat detection engine which uses Fourier Transforms to detect separate bass, middle and treble beats in the music. The different pitches drive different aspects of the graphics, and the movements reflect the strengh and timing of the beats. The combined effect is mesmerising - the pixels dance before your eyes!

DADI Awards

DADI Awards double!

Two project (yes two!!!) I helped create have won DADI Awards. An in-cinema game for Cadbury and Sage Business Brain Training. The projects I worked on for Chunk both came away with all the medals in the 'Best Interactive Entertainment Website, Game or Campaign' category.

The Cadbury game was also commended for 'Best Use of Technical Innovation', for its use of motion detectors to allow the cinema audience to control the game. I have written my own motion detection software from the ground-up in ActionScript 3.

FWA Site of the Day

3D work wins awards

Great news - the Krypton Factor Train your Business Brain website has won an FWA and also a Scottish Design Award for 'Best Online Game'! The project was created by Chunk to support the famous Krypton Factor TV show and I produced the Papervision 3D section and three of the 3D games.

Now in a cinema near you

I've just done my second in-cinema audience participation game (yes, that's a mouthful) - this time to support the Cadbury's 'Eyebrows' ad campaign. It was for Chunk, with post-production by The Mill, no less! I have written my own motion-detector software to analyse an audience's movements, so they can play by leaning left and right in their seats.

Last year I created another in-cinema game for Volvo, with the nice folks at Chunk, in which the cinema audience steered a 4x4 down a mountain track, collecting outdoors equipment along the way.

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